DRX-19 Drain Guardian


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  • Magnetic water gate, blocks bugs, dust, and odor
  • UV air gate™, equips surgical grade UVC LED, kills 99.9% of the virus and bacteria
  • iPX-4 splashproof
  • Universal adapter, fits to variety of wall drain sizes
  • Water proof battery case
  • LED signal light, indicates status of the device
  • One button control
  • Eyes protection system, when the device tilted, it will turn off instantly
  • Ultra-low battery consumption sensors, increase battery life
  • 1 Year product warranty

DRX-19 is a smart wall drain guardian. It blocks bugs, dust, odor, virus and bacteria releasing from the wall drain.

During the wastewater evacuation, UV AIR GATE™ will turn on and kill 99.9% of the virus and bacteria.

With iPX-4 splashproof design, DRX-19 is suitable to all the bathroom and kitchen environment.

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In stock

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